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Bucks County 07-1-01 Magisterial District Court

If you ever have to go to Magisterial District Court in Bucks County, it’s beneficial if you know where the courthouse is located. You don’t want to wait around until the last minute to find out where you’re supposed to go because this could have a negative impact on your case. Aside from your attorney, you should try to take someone with you to court so that you’re not quite as nervous as you would be if you were by yourself. However, a qualified and professional attorney will be able to walk you through your case and advise you about any questions that you shouldn’t answer and those that you should answer while in front of the judge.

Another benefit of having an attorney present with you in Bucks County 07-1-01 Magisterial District Court is that you can work together to craft a defense based on the evidence that the prosecution could have against you and the information that you’re able to offer to the attorney about what happened when you were charged with the crime.

Most of the time, you’re going to receive a notification in plenty of time for your court hearing. The notification will list the details about where the courthouse is located as well as which room you’re supposed to go to once you arrive at the building. You’ll also receive information about your charges and your attorney if you have decided to hire your own. Soon after getting the notification, you should visit the court building to find out where you’re supposed to go as a way to prepare for your court date.

The 07-1-01 Magisterial District Court usually holds trials that include traffic citations and violations, bench warrant hearings, and cases that don’t involve a jury. You’ll usually go to this court if you have a preliminary hearing before a major court case as well so that the judge can read your rights and so that you can enter your plea. This is also the time when you can request a court-appointed attorney or state that you plan to hire your own.

Since there are two different courts in the area, you need to clarify which one you’re supposed to go to on the day of your court case. Your attorney will know more about the court information, but you need to double-check with the court clerk in order to make sure you have the correct information. If you do not show up for court, then a bench warrant could be issued for failure to appear. This can be avoided as long as you read the information that you’re given and find the correct building in Bucks County ahead of time.

A type of case that is often handled in this type of court is landlord and tenant disputes, such as eviction notices and rent payments that are due. The court also handles all types of summary offenses along with shoplifting, criminal mischief, and issues pertaining to your license. Most of the cases that are heard in the court are misdemeanors or violations instead of felonies. The judges who oversee the court can also issue warrants when needed. They can also perform marriage ceremonies for those who want to get married in a small setting with only a few family members or friends present. Even though a case can begin in this court, it can end up in a felony court if there are more charges involved or if there is enough evidence to send the case to a higher court, which is another detail that you want to talk to your attorney about when you receive your notification.

Bucks County 07-1-02 Magisterial District Court

It can be stressful thinking about what to say in front of the judge when you have your day in a Bucks County Magisterial District Court. You likely want to put the entire affair behind you. We are here to help. The lawyers at Amato Sanita law Offices have years of experience defending clients in Bucks County.

There are many reasons why you may have received a notification to appear in front of a judge. These courts handle summary offences, like breaking windows after a football game, fighting outside a bar and disrupting the public, loitering, running a red light, or other forms of traffic violations. While you know that there is a possibility that you may walk away simply paying a fine and with no criminal record, you likely have many worries in the back of your mind and wonder what the judge will say and what type of punishment will be meted out to you.

Our lawyers are familiar with the justice system and the laws related to summary offences. We will form a defense strategy that can prove your innocence or help you get the best outcome in court, perhaps getting the charges against you dropped.

What You Should Know about Bucks County Magisterial District Courts

Once you receive your paperwork, you will know which courtroom you will need to appear in and the date that you need to be there. You should know that throughout Bucks County there are 20 Magisterial District courts. If your summons is from District Court 07-1-02, you will need to appear in the courthouse located in Bristol. This is northeast of Philadelphia. You should be aware of the fact that Bristol is home to two court houses and both are located on Bath Street. Take the time to figure out which court you need to attend to arrive at the right location on your court date.

Magisterial District Judge, Frank W. Peranteau, Sr. will preside over your case if your notification is from District Court 07-1-02. He will preside over your case if your notification is for a traffic citation, preliminary hearing, preliminary arraignment, non-jury trial, or bench warrant.

More than 130,000 cases are handled throughout Bucks County in Magisterial District Courts each year. About 10,000 of these cases involve criminal charges. Misdemeanors and felonies will start in these courts and then may make their way up to the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas.

The most common types of cases that are dealt with in Magisterial District Courts are summary offences. These are the least serious offences in the state of Pennsylvania. They involve traffic and non-traffic citations. Examples of summary offences include criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, underage drinking, shoplifting, and driving with a suspended license.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Could Benefit You In a Bristol Courtroom

If you are being summoned to this court because of a summary offence, like underage drinking or disorderly conduct, it is possible that you will be charged a fine. It is also possible that you may spend some time in jail, up to 90 days if it is your first offence.

Some individuals have the idea that they will just plead guilty to a minor offence, pay a fine, and put the whole thing behind them. This is shortsighted thinking. This thinking fails to take into consideration the consequences of spending time in jail or having a criminal record. If you have to spend 90 days in jail, you may not have a job when you get out. Think of what that would do to your finances, family, and ability to get a job in the future. You may lose your driver’s license. This would negatively affect your entire life.

One of the attorneys at Amato Sanita Law Offices can help to build a defense to help get your charges dropped or lessened. For example, individuals who are charged with disorderly conduct may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The attorney could use surveillance video or eyewitnesses to prove that there is not enough evidence to charge you with the crime.

Bucks County 07-1-03 Magisterial District Court

If you or someone you love has a court date scheduled in a Bucks County Magisterial District Court for a criminal or traffic charge, it is likely that you feel some anxiety. Something that can help you as you prepare for that day is to work closely with a criminal defense attorney. Our attorneys at Amato Sanita Law Offices have helped hundreds of clients in Pennsylvania to build a defense that can provide them the best possible outcome for their case.

A Few Things to Know about Pennsylvania Magisterial District Courts

Throughout Bucks County, there are 20 Magisterial District Courts. If you have received a summons or a notification from District Court 07-1-03, this means that you will need to go to the Bristol courthouse. This is located northeast of Philadelphia. You should be aware that there are two Magisterial District Courts that are located in Bristol, and both of them are on Bath Street. Make sure to carefully examine the paperwork you have received so that you go to the right address.

The Magisterial District Courts in Bucks County handle around 130,000 cases every year. About 10,000 of these cases are related to criminal charges.

Joanne V. Kline, Magisterial District Judge, will preside over cases that are handled in Magisterial District Court 07-1-03. This is a minor court. It handles traffic and non-traffic citations. It also handles small damage claims, tenant and landlord disputes, and preliminary arraignments and hearings for criminal cases. These cases may eventually move on to the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas. Magisterial judges may also perform marriages and administer oaths.

Get Help from a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you have your day inside a Bristol courtroom, you may be tempted to plead guilty to a minor offense with the goal of putting the whole thing behind you. You may feel that you have the skills that are necessary to represent yourself. Or you may feel that because you are innocent of the crime, everything will work itself out once you have your day in court.

These ideas are faulty because most cases, even minor cases, can lead to long-term ramifications. Even summary offenses, which include things like loitering, running a red light, or disturbing others by getting into a fight, can land a person in jail. Think about what would happen to you and your family if you had to spend up to 90 days in jail because of a summary offense. You could lose your job and even be stuck with a permanent criminal record. Depending on the violation, you could lose your driver’s license. As you can see, even what seem like a minor case could have serious implications for you and your family.

At Amato Sanita Law Offices, our goal is to examine your case and then build a defense strategy that will get your charges dismissed or lessened. We know our way around Bucks County Magisterial District Courts. We are familiar with the justice system and Pennsylvania laws. We will provide you with the help you need now as you feel anxiety over an approaching court date. And then we will be by your side on that day in order to help you get the best outcome possible.

Here is an example of one of the ways that an defense attorney from our office could help you. A common minor charge that some Bucks County residents face is drinking under age. What our attorney may be able to do is prove that the drink that you were consuming did not contain alcohol. They may be able to speak with eyewitnesses, look at CCTV footage, or use other means to get your charges dropped.

As the day approaches for you to appear in Magisterial District Court 07-1-03 in Bristol, you are likely feeling more and more worried. If you are interested in getting the best outcome possible for your case, contact us today.

Being summoned to appear in court for a traffic or criminal charge can cause huge amounts of anxiety. You may feel worried about what will happen if a court date has been scheduled for you in a Bucks County Magisterial District Court. The reason you feel worried likely has to do with the fact that you do not know what to expect. We are here to help you deal with some of that anxiety. At Amato Sanita Law Offices, we have experienced defense attorneys who will help protect your freedom and your future. Our goal is to provide the best legal representation to our clients.

Our attorneys can answer the questions that you have before you appear in court. They will be by your side to provide effective guidance throughout the entire process. Our attorneys have appeared in court cases hundreds of times to represent our clients before Pennsylvania’s Magisterial Courts. We have been able to strike just the right balance between building a tenacious defense and offering our clients the care they deserve.

It is likely that your case will be handled by Magisterial District Judge, Robert L. Wagner Junior, if your notification is to appear in a Bucks County Magisterial District Court 07-1-04. He handles cases in Levittown that relate to preliminary hearings, preliminary arraignments, traffic citations, non-jury trials, and bench warrants.

Bucks County Magisterial District Courts are designed to handle minor cases that involve non-traffic and traffic citations. They also handle preliminary hearings and preliminary arraignments for criminal cases, civil cases that involve small damage claims, and landlord and tenant disputes that are up to $8,000.

It is important to look carefully at the paperwork you have received to appear in court in order to know the correct location. In the Levittown, there are two Magisterial District Courts, so you want to be sure that you arrive at the right location.

Individuals who are facing charges that are considered to be less serious offenses are likely going to be summoned to Magisterial District Courts here in Bucks County. This would include disorderly conduct, harassment, criminal mischief, shoplifting if it is a first offense, or driving with a license that has been suspended. Throughout Bucks County, Pennsylvania, there are more than 20 Magisterial District courts. These courts handle about around 130,000 cases each year. Criminal cases represent less than 10 percent of that number.

Learn More about Bucks County Magisterial District Courts

Felony and misdemeanor cases will start in these district courts with preliminary hearings and arraignments. The next level up is the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas, which handles felony and misdemeanor cases.

Individuals who have been charged with a criminal or traffic offense in Bucks County may face a 0 fine or up to 90 days in jail. If a person has a prior conviction, the time in jail can reach up to 180 days. This underscores the importance of working with a skilled defense attorney, even if it seems like the offense is minor. We have seen time and again that even minor offenses, like summary offenses, can lead to huge problems for the individual accused of the crime and their family.

Why You Need a Bucks County Attorney to Represent You in Levittown Courtrooms

Some individuals have fallen into the temptation of simply pleading guilty to an offense in order to forget about the entire experience. Or they may think that they have the skills to represent themselves in court. Retaining a skilled defense attorney not only will help you get the outcome you want in court, but it will protect your future. Losing your job, spending time in court, having a damaged reputation, and a period of disruption in your life all have their own challenges, especially in the short term. But living with a criminal record can lead to even more difficulties later on.

At Amato Sanita Law Offices, we are here to help individuals in Bucks County who are facing a day in Magisterial District Courts. We can provide an attorney for you who has a deep understanding of the Pennsylvania criminal justice system. Our attorneys may be able to get the charges against you dismissed or lessened. Contact us today to learn more.

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